Man’s Best Friend

Just sitting here looking out at the retention pond. It is so still it looks like glass. The juvenile Sand Hill cranes are almost as big as their parents. We should expect another brood around next March. I need to fill the bird feeder–we are so fortunate to be able to enjoy God’s awesome creation. Red winged blackbirds visit often, a pair of cardinals, blackbirds, and an  occasional woodpecker feast on the seeds as well as ground-eating birds, when the seed falls, like Common Moorhens, doves, and the cranes.

Sunday night, Jud wanted to watch a movie on TV.  It was late and I really wasn’t in the mood, but he has been so good sharing me with my new FB group as I work on photos and projects to post, that I acquiesced.

We found a free film On Demand titled Duke which is based on a true story. If you don’t mind using a box of tissues, this one is a must. Not to be a spoiler, but it was about a homeless veteran and his stray dog being reunited. My blog on the Love Bags let’s you know how I feel about the homeless, and I am a dog lover. Combine the two and I become a sappy mess!

Jud and I both can relate to this special relationship. When we married, our canines, Abby/his and Fiona/mine were a part of the package bringing our family to four. Unexpectedly, in June 2016, we adopted J.J.–increasing us to five! Abby, our Australian Blue Healer, became an angel in November 2016–a very sad time for us. She was amazing. If you are faced with that dreaded decision, please get in touch with Lap of Love (I can let you know more about them).

Not everyone is a pet lover. And, yes, they are a huge responsibility, a great expense (still cheaper than sending a kid to college 🙂 ), can be naughty at times, need a babysitter if you can’t take them with you, and so on. But, the everyday rewards far exceed the responsibilities.

In 2012, before we met, Jud and I both lost our spouses. Our dogs became our loving, loyal, constant companions–there when every one else went home, there when we grieved and laughed, there when we needed unconditional love, there to meet us at the door when we came home, there first thing in the morning and the last at night.

Is it any wonder they are called, Man’s Best Friend?  Oh, and not to be disrespectful, but did you realize that God spelled backwards is dog!

Blessings, Patty


JJ Close Up


Just a little humor this afternoon!

Enjoy   🙂

Happy Resurrection Sunday!



Good morning everyone . . . It is a beautiful, yet crisp, day here in Central Florida. The outfit I have picked out for church may be a little on the “summerish” side, but I will wear it anyway.

This is my first time to post to Cee’s site. I hope I am doing it properly. If not, I imagine it won’t publish. I, too, love flowers. My Blog name is Though the Flower Fades taken from Is.40:8 . . . The grass withers, the flower fades, but the Word of the Lord remains forever.

I hope you enjoy my orchid photos. This is an Espresso Orchid. It is about 10″ in height and the blooms are only 1″ or less in width. I was captured by it being so petite and delicate. The macro photo shows the bloom’s intricate detail while the other photo allows you to see the whole plant.

He has risen!

Blessings, Patty

What is it About Orchids?

I always thought orchids would be the most difficult plant to grow. However, upon receiving one and seeing that they pretty much take little care, I was hooked. The colors, varieties, and the perfect symmetry of each bloom captivates me each time I look at one.

I live in Florida and moved from one county to another seven years ago. On move day, there was not an inch of space left on the truck. Needless to say, upon arriving at our new home,  we were exhausted and anxious to get the bed set up and get a good nights sleep. I can’t remember exactly when I began to think about the orchids I left behind—the one thing I regret about moving. Any serious gardener can relate that certain plants become your babies. You get so excited when you see that new leaf or spike or bud appearing. A life is continuing.

The busyness of unpacking and getting the new house in order took priority over driving for an hour, one way and back, to bring my orchids to their new home.  A few months later, I called the new residents to see if the orchids were still hanging on the backyard fence under a big tree.  Apologizing, they said the orchids were no longer there (although they got along pretty well when I lived there).

There was only one thing for me to do . . . start a new chapter in “orchiding.” I first purchased two and now have seven: three are in different stages of blooming, one has brand new buds and the new arrival, an Espresso miniature orchid (see entire plant below), looks to be finished (at least for today). This precious baby is only 10″ tall with blooms of one inch across. The creamy-colored blossoms look like fine porcelain with the tiniest of detail that only our great Creator could design. There are over 25,000 species of orchids–wow, do I have a lot of collecting to do!

I am so glad that the Lord created a Technicolor world and I have the pleasure of having some of it on my back porch. When I wake up each morning, after putting on the coffee, I walk over to the vertical blinds, open them and the glass sliding door, and begin to look closely hoping to see a small beginning of another miracle.

I plan on revamping my back porch. have some stands that need to be spray painted and stained making a more attractive home for my orchids. I will share before and after photos. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the beauty of just a little bit of creation.

Until next time,                                                                                                                                        Patty







Finish What You Start

I believe I have adult ADD. Why—because I have five things going at the same time and can’t seem to get even one completed in a timely manner. As I write this, my eyes gravitate to that big black rectangle sitting in my kitchen. A few days ago, I had decided I would clean a few shelves/drawers each day. Cleaning and organizing the frig is almost at the top of my “I don’t like to do” list, hence doing a little at a time. And then there is adding some new photos to my FB Business Page (Please visit Though the Flower Fades Photography and Art and see if there is something you can’t live without 🙂). Oh, and then moving photos from scan disks to an external drive. Just think, if I had done one disk per week when I planned to in August 2 years ago, I would have saved mega time looking for that certain pix.

The real purpose of this post is the first assignment of the Fundamentals of Blogging included in Bloggers University. This is day one—create a post. We are supposed to introduce ourselves, share about our lives (if we want to) and give some info of why we want to blog, what to blog about, etc.

I started this course last year and never finished. Sooo, I have enrolled again and am committed to completing it.

You can follow my blog at Though the Flower Fades @wordpress.com. To me, sharing my thoughts is a part of my creativity. I also enjoy reading other blogs and following those who may have the same interests–like my Christian faith.

Well, that’s enough for day one. Looking forward to day two!



That Good Ole Rock and Roll!

DSCN0161This past Friday, March 15, 2019, fifteen thousand fans entered the Amalie Arena in Tampa, Florida to hear and see one of the greats on his farewell tour. I was fortunate to be one of them (the 15,000 not a great)!

Bob Seger didn’t disappoint us. At age 73, he belted out songs from the 60s and 70s “that keep ringing in your head,” as well as some he wrote in later decades.

We—my sister, Mary Jean, her daughter, Jill, and me, had pretty good seats. We were one balcony up, to the left of the stage in the middle section. Our row was directly in front of the railing. The view as good except for having to bend over a bit to  get a picture or record from our cell phones.

The age group was anywhere from late 30s to probably some in their 80s. Bob Seger t-shirts were worn by many citing various concert dates. This was our first time seeing the legend with the unmistakably guttural voice jog from one side of the stage to the other playing to the audience all the while!

At this time (7:20 p.m.) five days ago, I was riveted to my seat watching as more and more fans entered the Amalie. The sound of thousands of voices grew louder and louder, and finally after what seemed forever, the lights were doused and the roar of the crowd gave way to the reason we were all there—Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band appeared on a strobe-lit platform ready to transport us back to the days of old and that good ole rock and roll.

The music, the lyrics, the three beautiful back-up ladies, the steel guitar 🎸 player, the piano 🎹 player, the Johnny Cash-clothed sax player, and the other musicians all blended together like one majestic instrument. Bob, with raised arms, bent over, pointing to the back, sides and front of the platform, directed the spotlights to showcase each talented band member. Together, they never missed a beat. 🎶

This concert sparked memories of yesteryear. Hot pants, the styled hairpiece that was the crowning glory of your outfit, American Bandstand, autographed photos of your favorite artists, Levi’s (tight), going to the next concert and then scrambling to the Hot Shoppe or wherever to meet up and hash over the night’s happenings.

Thanks, Bob,  for a more-than-fantastic night and all of the memories. This may be your final concert tour, but for us, the beat goes on! ❤️















🍋 Bitter-Sweet 🍭

Bitter sweet is surely an oxymoron . . . total opposites. There are occasions in our lives when nothing else says it better.
My cousin, Suzie (by a former marriage), but like a sister, has moved out of state. We go back some 40+ years and have managed to keep in touch–sometimes more frequent, sometimes not. However, the last five years brought us closer than ever before. In February 2014 she experienced the end of her first marriage, and I experienced widowhood in March 2012. She recently visited and when we are together, we always seem to reminisce about days gone by.
Forty-plus years hold a lot of memories, but my fondest memory is the spontaneous (at least for me) road trip we had in 2013. We were talking on the phone, and she mentioned she was going on a road trip from Florida to Ohio, stopping along the way to visit friends. My ears perked up and I asked if she would be passing through Savannah, Georgia and Charleston, South Carolina and possibly Indianapolis, Indiana. After looking at a map, she said she could, and “Do you want to go?” Loving Savannah and only visiting Charleston once, and being able to visit my son in Indy, I answered, “Yes!”
This started a five-day adventure with just Suzie and me. She did the driving and I, being new to cell phones with a navigation function, tried to play co-pilot.
What a blast we had! Although at a more “mature” age, we were footloose and fancy free during those five days. One would think we ran out of things to talk about, but knowing women, we didn’t! Being alone on the road, we had to be aware of possible danger—somewhat like Thelma and Louise. Suzie said, “Look in the glove compartment.” I did and discovered two colored water pistols! Suzie, being the originator of this trip, wanted to be Louise because she liked the name better; I ended up with Thelma.
The most memorable moment of the trip was when we had stopped at a LaQuita for the night. Suzie had used the bathroom first to prepare for bed. I followed by showering and brushing my teeth. I noticed a full glass of water on the sink and used it to rinse my mouth. It tasted a bit salty, thinking it was the water in that area. Coming out of the bathroom, I suddenly realized what was in the glass of water–Suzie’s disposable contact lenses! When I told her, she laughed which made me feel better and said she had brought another pair.
As the miles progressed from Florida to Indiana, so did our relationship. We were close anyway, but those five days—especially following major unforeseen events in both our lives—created a unique and stronger lifelong bond.
That trip will always be the highlight of my relationship with her.
Our lives were about to change dramatically in 2014. She met Tom Hackney and I met Jud Joyce. We were both married that year. The Lord had given us another chance to share our lives. For various reasons, Suzie and Tom moved from Florida to North Carolina in late July 2018.
I must admit I was not a happy camper when she told me their plans. Although we didn’t see each other fairly often, she was still only an hour away. Even though we spoke on the phone almost weekly—nothing beats face-to-face.
After my pity party subsided, I resigned myself to the fact that when you love someone, you want the best for them–and this move was just that. They have a beautiful home and as she says, “My mansion has many rooms . . .” waiting for guests to arrive.
So, that is my bitter-sweet story about Suzie and me. Each time the phone rings, my heart jumps a little when I see the name Suzie on the called ID.
Know how much I love you, Suzie, and, yes, I am missing you already!

Always and forever,


🎼 Getting to know me, getting to know all about me . . .🎶

Hello everyone. . .

My name is Patty Joyce. I am a spirit-filled Christian and love the Lord with all my heart. I live in Florida with my wonderful husband, Jud, and our “kids,” Fiona Joy, a Malte-poo and J.J. a Dachshund. Between us, we have seven grown children.

My hobbies are photography, crafting, this blog and art journaling. My photos are primarily nature (especially flowers), some contemporary paintings, theme pieces, and other interesting and pleasing to-the-eye subjects. Please visit my FB Business, Though the Flower Fades Photography and Art, and let me know what you think. Feel free to ask  about any of the items you may wish to purchase. What makes my work so unique is that I can add any Scripture verse or quote to any picture of your choice.

I am blessed to have the best immediate and extended family in the world. Jud and I have a blended family of seven grown very adult children (in their 50s). I have two beautiful sisters, cousins, nieces and the delight of the family, Milania Mia, my grandniece (see pix).

I am anxious to read your blogs and to get to know you better. Please stop by to say hello.

Until next time,  Patty




Art, Craft, and Photography Lovers

Good afternoon creative minds . . .

I am taking the Fundamentals of Blogging offered by WP Blogging University. This is day four of class, and my assignment is to brainstorm what kind of people I would like to read my post. That was easy.

I cannot NOT be creative.

I suppose I inherited it from my mother who could oil and china paint, sew anything you wanted, crochet colorful afghans, work with pottery (we had a kiln in the basement) and make a pie that looked just like the one on the cover of Better Homes and Gardens. Unfortunately, we never has a chance to collaborate. She passed away while I was still working full time. Almost every room in my home has something that showcases her awesome talent.

My creative expression, (if you want to call it that 🤔), started while in high school. For some unknown reason, I began writing short three-stanza poems about my friends. The “expression” took a long hiatus while being, wife, mother and
career woman (a role I never wanted to play).

Years—and I mean decades— passed and I became interested in photography. My interest is primarily nature. I have hundreds of pictures living temporarily on several scan discs until I make time to review them, delete probably fifty-percent and save the rest to my external photo drive.

Enter Pinterest and Art journaling! Pinterest opens a world of anything and everything. You can’t just dabble. You dive in and can drown in a sea of subjects too vast to ever explore. Art journaling is just that—creating a journal of your favorite kind of art. The journal can be small, big, bigger. Contents can range from rubber stamping to acrylics, to stencils, to any kind of background paper and pattern you imagine, embellishments such as buttons, ribbon, cloth, glitter, dried flowers, tape, not to mention lettering and/or your own handwritten verbiage on any page.

I love it all, so much so that I started a small business called a Though the Flower Fades Photography and Art taken from Isaiah 40:8. I believe my work is good and pleasing to the eye, but my sales have been minimal of late. Please visit my Facebook Business Page of the same name and let me know your opinion or suggestions.

I have ventured into other forms of art such as acrylic paint pouring to create abstracts, customizing and framing that special invitation, poem, birthday wish or any form of memorabilia, and most recently centerpieces. What do you think of these two?

Well, I think I’ve completed the fourth day’s assignment. I hope I passed.

Until next time, Patty